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What's this all about?
  This is a project to store plugins for the great SquirrelMail webmail package.

Part of the beauty of Squirrelmail is it's easily extensible nature and 'hooks' about the code that allow extra features to be added.

This easy addition of features though, has lead to an abundance of plugins that seemed may get out of control. The sm-plugins project is a safe place to store source code and arrange these. As in all colaborative projects, this means that just because the original author is unavailable to work on an update, development need not stop and their plugin and ideas can move forward with the original Squirrelmail pacakge.

How do I install a plugin in my Squirrelmail system?
  There's a good description in the Squirrelmail Wiki.

Where can I get a list of all available plugins?
  Check out the main Squirrelmail Plugins page.

So you have source for all these here?
  Nope. Sadly not yet - if you're an author please join us.

OK, so which plugins do you look after?
  Please see the Home/News Page or our Sourceforge Project Page for a list.

Who should I contact about bugs or problems with these?
  When you've done all the usual RTFM, search forums/web/etc. for answers it's probably best to contact the author directly (see the README file that came the particular plugin).

We encourage the use of the Bug Tracker for reporting things as at least then they don't become forgotten. Can't promise any fixes of course, but we'll do our best.

How do I go about writing a plugin?
  Please take a look at the DevelopingPlugins page on the Squirrelmail Wiki for details.

First of all though, take a look at all the available plugins listed on the main Squirrelmail site - it's quiet likely someone may have already written one you can use.

If you still feel the need to produce your own, let us know when you're done and we can arrange for an import into our project.

© 2004 by The SM-Pluigins Project Team
Except where logos/backgrounds shamelessly swiped from the Squirrelmail Team ;)